Feb 4, 2008

Final Project Songs

Ok, so I'm finally taking voice lessons. For our final project we have to pick a song and perform it for the class. Seeing as I would love to perform in a professionally musical (preferably on Broadway), I'm looking at songs from different Broadway musicals. There are so many great songs that I can't decide! You can click on the links to listen to either the whole song or a section of the song. For the links that take you to Amazon, scroll down until you find the song lists and thin click on the link to play the sample. Suggestions are greatly appreciated! (especially when it comes to older musicals) Right now I'm looking at sining one of the following:

Spring Awakening:
Mama Who Bore Me
The Song of Purple Summer

Defying Gravity
For Good
As Long As You're Mine

Beauty and the Beast:

Every Story is a Love Story
I Know the Truth

Les Miserables:
On My Own