Sep 30, 2007


7 days until I'm 18!!!!

Sep 24, 2007

Me attempting to write my essays for Writing the Essay: Science. Enough said.

Sep 17, 2007


I exist... what can I say. Today pales in comparison to this weekend. Somehow, a day of class just can't be as exciting as going to festivals and museums. Saturday I went to the San Gennero Festival in Little Italy, which was really neat. Hey, they had fired oreos, I can't complain! If you've never had fried oreos, I highly suggest trying them . They're full of artery clogging goodness! After that I took my first ballroom dancing lesson. We learned the Salsa and the Tango. It was so much fun! I'm planning on joining the ballroom team here so I can dive deeper into the world of ballroom dancing and compete at various schools like Columbia and Yale. It should be a lot of fun. I ordered my ballroom shoes yesterday so I'm really excited! Yesterday I spent most of my time wandering around the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I only got through about a quarter of the exhibits, if that! If you count the exhibits i saw two years ago when I was there for the first time, I've probably seen about a quarter of the museum. Well, I guess I should get back to doing home work, although I really don't want too!

Sep 11, 2007


Homework... essay, calculus problems, reading, chemistry problems, chemistry lab, I think that's all... what fun! (sarcasm!)

Sep 9, 2007

The Pin Cushion Queen

Last week was entertaining. I finally found out whether or not I got into Honors Chemistry. I did!! Woohoo!! Wow, I'm a nerd. The only thing is, it messed up my schedule a bit. I had to talk to the chemistry department because one of my Honors Chem classes ends at 9:45 while my Chem Lab lecture starts at 9:30. See the problem? I was informed that I just have to show up for my Lab lecture 15 minutes late every week! This should be interesting. Not to mention I found out on Thursday that I had a math test in Chemistry the next day. Yes, I said a math test in Chemistry. This only gave me a day to learn high level calculus that I hadn't seen before. Well, that didn't happen. Out of the four problems on the test, I think I got one right. Oh well, I'll survive.
This weekend was fun. I got $21 of really amazing (and really expensive...$3.50 each. They are HUGE though) free. That was one of the highlights of my weekend. The best part of my weekend is going to stay a secret for now. :-) I also went to the American Museum of Natural History for the second time today. I had to write an essay about a scientific object so i picked an ecosphere. They're really cool. It also gave me a chance to see the Mythical Creature exhibit. That was really neat. It contained are and artifacts from around the world depicting mystical creatures and the legends behind them.
So, what about the Pin Cushion Queen you ask? It has absolutely nothing to do with my post what so ever. It's just the title of a poem by Tim Burton. Then why is it my post title? Because, it's random and that's what I do. Seeing as you're probably curious now about what kind of poem could possibly be called "The Pin Cushion Queen," it follows below.

The Pin Cushion Queen
By Tim Burton

Life isn't easy
for the Pin Cushion Queen,
when she sits on her throne
pins push through her spleen.

Sep 4, 2007

Left Behind

So, I had my first day of college classes today. Woohoo? Chemistry was fun, or should I say, I expect it will be fun. We didn't really learn anything today, just went over things about the course. We did learn what the definition chemistry is. I guess that will come in handy for those who didn't already know what chemistry is. Oh well, it seems like that's haw every science class starts. Calculus II on the other hand was quite entertaining. Let's just say, it's the first day of class and I'm already behind. What we covered as a quick review, I never learned in the first place. I think I picked everything up. This could be a fun semester! Haha. Normally, I would have a four and a half hour chemistry lab today, but it was canceled seeing as today is the first day of classes.

Sep 3, 2007

Don't Do Sadness

Ahh! I LOVE this school!! What other school gets the cast of the 8 Tony Award winning musical Spring Awakening to perform at their Labor Day picnic? It was absolutely AMAZING! I saw the musical on Wednesday and it topped Wicked for best musical. Those of you who know my love for Wicked are probably floored now. But yes, I think Spring Awakening may actually be better than Wicked. I think I need to see Wicked again to judge fairly though. Haha! Best song in the musical by far is Totally F**ked. It's so true and speaks for anybody who's been caught doing something they shouldn't have been doing. Unfortunately, they didn't do that one at our picnic. They did The Word of Our Body and Don't Do Sadness/Blue Wind. Both are wonderful. I felt I could really relate to the main female character because she deals with normal 16-18 year old problems. I think everyone needs to see this musical when they turn 16-18 years old. You can read why here Spring Awakening. Click on full description at the bottom. *warning-the musical deals with topics that can be sensitive*

*I added some of the songs from Spring Awakening to my music section. The Songs are Totally F*cked, Mamma Who Bore Me, and Don't Do Sadness