Oct 19, 2007

Matrix Macbeth

This is only the rough cut. I ever get the final version from Cory I shall post that one too! Enjoy!!

Oct 17, 2007

Colbert 2008!

Woo!! Stephen Colbert is running for president in 2008!!

On another, completely random note... here's the video I made for a competition this past spring. The editing job is not the best, but the whole thing was put together in a matter of three days. Enjoy our stupid, plotless story!

Oct 11, 2007

Royal Death!

I hope you all learned the significance of the number 18 because there will be a quiz on it, and it will be pop. Who knows when it will strike? Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe three months from now. Only time will tell!

So, I finally updated my photography blog for the first time in two months! Haha. Why do I have a photography blog you ask? Because I like to take pictures silly! I'm actually going to try and keep it somewhat updated.

For those of you interested, I will be home again this weekend. Yay! Unfortunately, I also have to finish writing my stupid essay this weekend. :-( Ugh... I guess I should go study for my Biology exam tomorrow. It shouldn't be hard. I know my biology like the back of my hand, although, I guess that's more anatomy! Haha. If you laughed at that, congratulations! You're just as much of a loser as I am. Don't you feel special! You know you should go to bed when you start making lousy Bio jokes.

And now for my random fact of the day!
King Alexander I of Greece died of blood poisoning after being bitten by his pet monkey.
~The Little Book of Bad Taste

See! Reading my blog is actually educational! Haha. Guten Nacht!

Oct 8, 2007


18 is the only number that is twice the sum of its digits.

18 is the number of holes in a stipulated round of golf

18 is the number of chapters into which James Joyce's epic novel Ulysses is divided

18 is a slang term used in Soccer for the Penalty Area

18 is the number of wheels on the most common type of tractor-trailer truck, which are hence often called 18-wheelers

18 is the customary percentage to tip a waitress in a restaurant by groups of four or more

Australian rules football is played with teams of 18 players.

18deg. Celsius is usually considered a comfortable room temperature.

In the UK, the names of race horses can be no longer than 18 characters, including spaces.

On Earth, the length of a day 900 million years ago was only about 18 hours. - Science magazine

Don't you feel smarter now? Haha! If you haven't guessed, I'm

Oct 1, 2007

6 Days!!

Who's going to be 18 in 6 days? I am!! Other than that, there's nothing really exciting going on in my life. I've been spending my time writing stupid 5-7 page essays on random philosophical stuff, doing chemistry problems that make you want to go back in time and kill Newton before he invented calculus, and stressing over my costume for the Miss Berks County Pageant because some people who shall remain nameless "lost" my costume (aka they don't want to let me borrow it.) I need the costume for rehearsal in two weeks. How am I going to put together a classical Kitri tutu together in two weeks!!! Luckily I have some very awesome friends out there who a helping me.

Fortunately, I get to come home this weekend for my birthday! Woo! I'm hoping to get some friends from school together and take a trip down the PA Renaissance Fair, because who doesn't love the PA Ren Fair!

Well, I guess I should get back to my insanely difficult (not sarcasm) chemistry problems... ugh.

One day I'll fly away,
Leave all this to yesterday.
Why live life from dream to dream,
And dread the day when dreaming ends.
~Moulin Rouge